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Yoda is an electric manoeuvrable and environmentally friendly motorbike running at a maximum speed of 50km/h with a battery range of 70km. Yoda is the result of extensive research and energy deployed to contribute to tomorrow's mobility by combining user experience and comfort.

With a minimal but expressive style, the aluminum structure of the moped expresses lightness and comfort while guaranteeing the necessary robustness to master urban environmental constraints. The curvy extrusions used to build the structure provide the Yoda an airy look, blending all of its technological and mechanical functions to perfection.

We started our mission by defining the strategy behind the Yoda urban moped. We analyzed the habits of potential users to define the basic ergonomics needed to properly address the market. Once the research finalized, we came up with different concepts, centering Yoda's user experience around an innovative removable battery. Our engineers carefully selected the components to build a first industrial prototype, aligned with the market shortages initiated by the covid crisis.

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