A versatile chair for hospitality areas

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In today’s fast-paced world, finding a moment of peace can be a challenge. Shanti transforms public indoor spaces into havens where stress melts away and mental clarity is restored. It is designed with a deep understanding of the pressures of modern life, particularly for professionals in high-stress industries. Shanti features a seat designed to accommodate a cross-legged position, a retractable cocoon for the dome that subtly integrates advanced lighting technology, enhancing the overall sensory experience. 

Shanti's design benefits society by promoting mental well-being and embracing inclusive design principles. Through the use of FSC-certified wood and 100% recycled fabric, the chair demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability. The pieces are cut with precision to minimize waste, and powder coating is chosen for metal elements to reduce solvent usage. The textiles used are ecological, requiring less energy and water for production, and are sourced from the Fabraa brand, known for its eco-friendly commitment.

Additionally, the chair's assembly is designed to be easily mountable and dismountable, facilitating flat-pack delivery and minimizing packaging waste. Manufactured in Belgium and the Netherlands, the production process adheres to eco-friendly practices, reducing its environmental footprint. The chair's thoughtful design not only reduces stress and enhances productivity but also provides a peaceful retreat in various environments. 

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