Efficient wind power for sailboats


The mini wind turbine Philéole "Grain Blanc" is an innovation designed specifically for sailboats, revolutionizing onboard energy with its vertical axis. Designed to meet the electricity needs of sailboats, this silent and efficient wind turbine charges the batteries necessary for operating electronic devices on board such as lights, radar, VHF radio, GPS, navigation system, computer, and lighting. At port, it keeps the batteries charged all winter and allows the operation of a dehumidifier.

The wind turbine offers several key benefits. It is silent, avoiding noise pollution with its vertical axis design. Its lightweight aluminum structure makes it easy to handle. The turbine is autonomous, with a regulator that manages charging automatically and secures itself during storms. Additionally, it is discreet, installed on the mast to capture stronger winds without cluttering the deck or posing accident risks.

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