Portable cryogenic freezer for organ preservation

Futurewave Lab
Strategy Product Design 3D motion 

Pause is a portable cryogenic freezer specifically designed to transport vital organs for transplantation. This innovative solution tackles the critical issue of organ preservation during transit, ensuring the organs remain viable for extended periods. Users benefit from improved organ accessibility due to the prolonged storage times enabled by our technology.

It is designed with a blend of stainless steel and plastic for durability and safety, featuring a multi-layer insulation system for precise organ temperature control. It operates using liquid nitrogen and a PCB-controlled solenoid valve, while an integrated IoT system ensures temperature regulation.

“This project engages users emotionally by providing a solution to a pressing medical challenge. It offers hope to patients in need of organ transplants and peace of mind to medical professionals,” shares the designer Joachim Froment, Co-founder & Creative Director of Futurewave.

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