A helmet for shared mobility

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The OBH Helmet is an innovation for urban commuters who rely on bikes and scooters. It offers a practical solution to the common issues of helmet storage and theft through a unique, patented locking system. This system, which is easily managed via an app, ensures that users can secure and access their helmets effortlessly, promoting both safety and convenience. Designed with a modern, sustainable aesthetic, the OBH Helmet stands out for its user-centric approach, making urban commuting safer and more efficient. Its thoughtful design, which allows for easy assembly and maintenance, positions it as a leader in the realm of mobility solutions.

Our mission was to develop a contemporary, functional helmet for the shared bike and scooter (B2B) and private bike and scooter (B2C) markets. The OBH helmet features a patented locking mechanism compatible with a wide range of bikes and scooters, responding to the fast-growing needs of these markets. This helmet prioritizes safety without sacrificing convenience, making it an essential accessory for modern urban mobility. Its sleek, minimalist design is not only aesthetically pleasing, it's also easier to use, as it can be assembled and serviced without tools. By focusing on the essentials, the OBH helmet meets the practical needs of a variety of users, from individual commuters to large-scale shared mobility systems.

Traditional bike helmets were reimagined through extensive research and testing, resulting in a one-piece shell with an interlaced strap network for secure attachment and easy part replacement. The helmet body consists of a single piece of EPP to which straps and fasteners can be attached using screw less fasteners. Each component has been thoughtfully designed for easy assembly, modularity and maintenance, with the ability to easily sort component for repair purposes. 

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