Design that saves lives

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O-Boy is the result of a collaborative product design process, combining multicultural product designers, electronics engineers and antenna design experts to imagine the perfect product to save the lives of human in danger. We built a smartwatch that sends out an emergency alert, even in the most remote corners of the world. O-Boy telecommunication relies on a satellite-based system, working despite the lack of a phone network.

We have rethought and developed an assembly system and production that is different from what already exists. The watch sensitively combines technical constraints with a sophisticated design. The black and red colours recall the performance, the roundness of the design conveys comfort and security to offer a performing, elegant and resistant product.

O-Boy is the result of an intensive period of research and development to meet a large number of constraints such as waterproofing, pressure resistance and shock tolerance. The design finalized, we build a full scale prototype using appropriate materials to avoid the need of plastic molding. We then initiated the industrialization phase, choosing the right technical solutions linked to each different challenges inherent to the satellite communication technology.

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