Portable battery station

Naki Power
Product design Electronics

The dynamic start-up Naki came to us to design the next generation of shared battery station. Naki’s power bank rental offers freedom and convenience for people in cities, like other sharing economy services such as electric bike and scooter rental. Our design team imagined with them the latest generation of shared battery stations for them to increase their marketability on the European market. Understanding the various user needs and contexts is a fundamental principle for this project. The new model adaptability is perfect for the station to be wall-mounted or placed on a counter.

Whether the power bank station should be fixed on a wall, placed on a low table or a counter, the product is composed of integrated functionalities that offer great adaptive possibilities to different environments. We focused on the creative process around the interaction with the potential users to design a more inclusive product, adding a perfectly integrated screen to enhance user stimulus and retention.

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