AI assistant for people with dementia

Futurewave Lab
Strategy Product Design 3D motion 

Memoria is imagined to address the core issue faced by individuals with dementia — the gradual fading of memories. The device caters to people at various stages of memory loss, offering a spectrum of assistance, from collecting user data to providing memory recollection support. It is particularly designed for those in the early stages of dementia, ensuring that individuals with cognitive capacity can manage and utilize the device independently.

Dignity and aesthetics are at the forefront of Memoria's approach, avoiding anything that might seem childish or invasive. This focus on form ensures that the product resonates with users, enhancing their experience and fostering a sense of familiarity. The primary device integrates essential features such as a display, charging coil, tilting mechanism, speakers, and PCB, all powered by a reliable battery. The device also serves as a gateway to a secure database housing users' memories. Through its screen and speakers, it engages individuals in cognitive activities and memory recall exercises. The flexible screen adapts to varying lighting conditions, optimizing user interaction and creating a personalized experience.

Complementing the primary device is a versatile and portable wearable component. It can be worn as a bracelet or necklace, thanks to a magnetic base, ensuring constant access to essential information. Equipped with an RFID antenna, PCB, battery, charging coil, magnet, and an attachment slot for customization, the wearable device seamlessly integrates with the main system. The RFID antenna in the wearable device communicates with small chips strategically placed throughout the user's living space. This intelligent system aids in recognizing objects and locations, providing real-time information about the user's surroundings. The wearable device thus becomes a reliable companion that enhances the user's sense of independence and security.

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