A digital ink-frame

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Ionnyk is not just a product, it's an experience in the world of art and technology. It is the world's first connected picture frame using e-ink technology to display digital art and photography. It offers a wireless design with up to one year of battery life, eliminating power cords and providing flexibility in art placement. With over 1000 original artworks, users can effortlessly change the displayed art, enjoying high-quality visuals that look like printed paper.

The project aimed to refine and enhance the existing product, focusing on simplifying assembly, minimizing parts, reducing weight, and improving user interaction. Ionnyk's design is timeless and emotionally engaging, capturing the essence of high-quality art in a digital format. It is crafted to look like a traditional art frame, enhancing its appeal and seamlessly fitting into any home decor.

As we live in an era of digital communication and increasing value of digital art such as NFTs, making Ionnyk the perfect platform to showcase and appreciate digital art in its purest form. Ionnyk is not just a picture frame, it's an experience. Its unique combination of technology and design adds value to any living space and offers a new way to appreciate and interact with art.

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