Innovative audio for a modern lifestyle

Futurewave Lab
Product Design Prototyping Rendering 

Soundwave has been designed to provide the ultimate audio solution for the modern lifestyle. With its powerful microphone, high-quality wireless earphones and unique organic design, SoundWave is the perfect blend of technology and aesthetics. Whether you’re working from home or on the move, it aims to cater for the nomadic nature of our lives.

The unique organic shape of the device blends in with your physiognomy, making it the most discreet way to amplify your senses. You can wear it all day and it will hardly be noticed. The organic design of the box mimics a shell, like those of a walnut, which can be opened to reveal the treasure hidden inside.

One of the biggest challenges of today’s fast-paced lifestyle is balancing work and leisure. Soundwave addresses this issue by providing a powerful microphone that allows you to make crystal-clear conference calls or record your voice with professional-grade quality. The wireless earphones provide high-quality audio for your music, podcasts, and more, ensuring that you can enjoy your free time to the fullest.

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