6mm carbon fibre and wood

Futurewave Lab
Furniture design   Prototype

The rising demand for wood products, such as paper, furniture, and construction materials, significantly drives illegal logging and deforestation. In response to this urgent issue, Joachim Froment has introduced an innovative solution: the 0.6 chair. This robust, lightweight, and durable chair is crafted using a new process that combines wood veneer with carbon fiber reinforcement, drastically minimizing the amount of wood required. This design not only counters the market trend of high wood consumption but also presents a sustainable alternative for the furniture industry.

The 0.6 chair's unique construction involves a sandwich panel made of wood veneer and carbon fiber, which reduces the chair's thickness to a mere 0.6 cm without compromising strength. This design approach significantly cuts down on the material used and the manufacturing time, thanks to a special mold made in separate pieces. The innovative use of carbon fiber not only enhances the chair's durability but also makes it capable of supporting up to 350 kg while weighing less than 2 kg, making it an ideal, stackable seating solution for various settings.

One of the standout features of the 0.6 chair is its longevity and ease of maintenance. The carbon fiber coating protects the wooden body from oxidation, aging, and movement over time. Moreover, the chair's surface can be easily repaired or customized by simply scraping the surface and applying a new pattern. This sustainable design has earned Joachim Froment the Rado Star Prize in the UK, highlighting his commitment to creating long-lasting furniture that conserves natural resources and addresses the environmental impacts of deforestation.

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