We reinvent products for our changing world.
From idea to production, we tightly couple design and technology to boost your product experience.


Make it right.
Toolbox :  Portfolio planning - Technology audit - Future evolution

We believe in well thought-out and sustainable products. We develop ideas into products with the goal to optimise ergonomics and ease of use for a new vision and long-term usage. We support companies during definition phases, bring new technological integrations and long-term product evolution. We conceptualise, reinvent and adapt ideas towards marketable products by dedicating attention to every detail across all phases.


Make it unique.
Toolbox :  Product & Industrial - Transportation - Social  - Packaging design

Design actively brings changes to the world by invoking new products. We believe in bringing future design possibilities through pioneering upcoming systems and values. We highly consider humanistic, emotional, functional and innovative designs dedicated to the good of human life. We deliver well thought-out and integrated designs, from ideation to industrialisation. We offer full design services with focus on every detail to bring iconic and innovative products to life. Our creative team helps you develop your project with exceptional ideations and skilful executions ready for production.


Make it smart.
Toolbox :  Electronics - Mechanics - Software  - Data processing & AI - Connectivity - Security

Smart products are here for good. Often this means embedding custom electronics and software into your initial product. Adding the right sensors and actuators will enable your product to sense and interact with its environment. Combining secure connectivity with cloud infrastructures will enable remote collection and processing of raw data into meaningful information. Depending on your target price and quantity, we can provide new integrations of existing solutions all the way to fully customised products - from proof of concepts to prototypes and all the way to final products.


Make it seamless.
Toolbox :  User eXperience - UI design - Interactions design - Prototyping

User experience involves more than just a user interface with an attractive design. We aim to understand every aspect of human behavior during interaction with the designed system. User experience does not only help to solve a task more efficiently, it also means completing it with a good feeling. We believe in a user-centric design, where the whole experience is captured. This implies putting together not only designers but also engineers and the users themself.